Volunteer Information

META Volunteer Information

Thank you for joining us for META. This event would not be possible without you! It is our hope that we can all work together to have a successful workshop. Please read the expectations and helpful hints below before you join us.


  • Timely Arrival - It is important that you arrive to campus at your designated arrival time. Your visit will begin immediately at your arrival time. If you are running late, we ask that you let us know by calling (317) 274-2211. At the end of your shift please let Valentina Montes, our volunteer coordinator, know you are leaving so she may assign your role to another incoming volunteer. 
  • Attire -Please dress appropriately. As a volunteer who will work with high school youth, we need you to help us set the tone for our visitors. Business casual and IUPUI ambassador attire is appropriate.
  • Direct Students - During the META workshop we expect you to tell students where to go. Some will be familiar with the Campus Center and will want to go downstairs for Starbucks, but that is not where students should go. We have a tight program and we expect that all students participate in all activities. We need you to help us direct students to the correct rooms in the Campus Center so they do not miss out on the information and activities. If you experience any problems, please let one of the META committee members know, and we will address the issue with the student, their teacher/counselor, and their school.

Helpful Tips

  • Some visiting students will not have full English proficiency. In that case, they will most likely be accompanied by a school teacher/staff member.
  • Students should not be wandering around the campus center on their own. Our visitors will only have five minutes to get to each location for each session. If students do not know where to go, please help them get to their session.