Directions and Parking

Directions and Parking

Convenient interstate access

IUPUI is located on the west side of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Vehicle access to the campus may be made from interstate highways I-65 and I-70, with exits - on both the North and South sides of town - onto West Street/Martin Luther King Blvd. From there, take Michigan Street (which is one-way West), onto campus. 

META will take place in the IUPUI Campus Center, which is located at 420 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Personal Vehicle Parking

When visiting the IUPUI for a tour, please park in the Vermont Street Visitor's Garage, located on the corner of Vermont Street and Barnhill Drive.

Bus/Passenger Van Parking

As you arrive to campus, your bus should plan to drop off and pick up students at University Tower Residence Hall, which is located at 850 W Michigan Street (just before the corner of Michigan and University Boulevard). There is a cut-away section on the right hand side that the bus can pull into for easy exiting and loading.

From there, turn right onto University Boulevard and take that to Indiana Avenue. Turn left onto Indiana Avenue to two off-campus locations for longterm bus parking. These two are after you cross the bridge on Indiana Avenue on the left at 1201 Indiana Avenue across the street from 1201 Apartments. The second is also on the left passed the 1201 lot at 1302 Waterway Blvd. It is at the corner of Waterway Blvd and Indiana Avenue.

Another location to park is on Blake street. After dropping off in front of University Tower, turn right at University Blvd and at the next light turn right on W. North Street. Then turn right on Blake Street and street parking is available here.

Another location to park is at lot 92. The easiest way to get to this location for a bus is to turn left on University Blvd after dropping students off and take this to W. New York Street. Turn left and take this to West Street. Turn left again until you reach Indiana Avenue. Turn left again on Indiana Avenue. Take this until you reach the first light at Blackford Street and take a left. Lot 92 is the first lot immediately to your left.